I am a Chicago-based theatre educator, teaching artist, and arts practitioner.​ My aim is to empower and educate youth through empathy and expression within the many mediums of theatre.  My own background combines over a decade of hands-on volunteer work  with local youth community theatre with formal training in theatre performance at the University of Illinois at Chicago and a wide array of other unique experiences.

My interest in theatre ranges broadly, from acting and directing to makeup and costume design to stage management and playwriting. I believe that, within the umbrella of theatre arts, everybody can find at least one discipline that speaks to them.  The wide breadth of my passion for and experience with theatre allows me to expose my students to its vast range of specialties and better determine which ones they are most likely to enjoy and learn from.

I wear many hats beyond the joint fields of theatre and education.  I'm also a professionally trained pastry chef, a cat lover, and much more.  Personally, I'm a devoted daughter, sister and friend. 

I am openly LGBTQ+, and I hope that through this openness I can play even a small part in normalizing queerness among young people and inspire them to live as their most authentic selves.

Who I Am

Emma Sheffey
(847) 770-3417